Hi there!

In many ways I can’t help but think – this is my blog and I do what I want.  So what I if I haven’t posted a real post in almost two months?  No apologies because I can do what I want.  But then I realize I never started a baby book and this is basically that baby book.  And then Sean, who never comments about the blog other than to say nice post, commented about the lack of posts…  And then I remember that I truly enjoying blogging and miss it.  And so, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry Wes for the gaps in the record of your first year.  And I’m sorry for the lack of updates, especially those grandparents.  Blogging is so low on my priority list during the day.  Sure, I might check my phone on occasion, but there’s so much to do during the day.  At night the priority is Sean.  Sure, again, we check our phones on occasion, but writing a whole blog post is very different.  But we’ve come to an agreement, Sean and I, and we’re taking Thursdays nights to ourselves.  So on Thursdays I will blog.  I’m not promising perfection.  But I will do my best to be more frequent.  I hope I haven’t lost your interest in my huge gap.

I would just set myself up for failure trying to write posts about all the things that have happened in our month plus of time, so here’s a little bit of a dump of the activities and photos that have happened since my last real post:

Canceled our anniversary plans because Wes got sick.  But at least we got to snap this wonderful family anniversary selfie!

Anniversary three

Shopped at opening day of our neighborhood’s farmer’s market and found these lovely peach blossoms.  Plus, new chairs!

5.11.15 022

Attended my friend Nina’s bridal shower, which was so lovely.  I love seeing families come together and delight in the milestones of their loved ones.

5.11.15 074 5.11.15 089 5.11.15 145 IMG_0721 (2)

Celebrated Nina’s last few weeks as a bachelorette the very next weekend, all while wearing matching sunglasses and finding quotes that really spoke to me in Eataly.  It was my first time away from Wes, and I did okay.

5.11.15 249 5.11.15 242 5.11.15 239 IMG_8004 (2)

Started a real fondness for the egg game from Aunt Shelley…and for showing off our belly.

IMG_3902 (2)

Tried out the cart seat.  Maybe a little too early but Wes found a way…to lounge.

IMG_3903 (2)

Had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration, planned by Sean.  A picnic at the playground with food from the farmer’s market.  Really, if someone had asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day this would have been it, and Sean planned it all himself!

5.11.15 289 5.11.15 291 5.11.15 306

Took some selfies on a lazy day.

IMG_3938 (2) IMG_3946 (2)

Practiced our sitting.

IMG_3952 (2)

Attended our neighborhood’s home & garden tour (our picture even made it into the neighborhood newsletter because what a cool dude!).

IMG_3960 (2)

Got better at the cart seat, although the jury was still out whether it was a good idea.  Look at that face!  And those cheeks!  And those thighs!

IMG_3970 (2)

Took a trip to Buffalo to visit Nana & Papa while Sean was out of town for a really long time.

6.10.15 023 6.10.15 028

Had a lunch date with Ashley & Clara!  That Clara is so cute!

IMG_4026 (2)

Made up our anniversary celebration and found an amazing new babysitter in the process.

IMG_4029 (2)

Started to drink water from a sippy cup!

5.11.15 051

Pretended to have deep conversations with Dad while really complementing how to get to those eyeglasses!

IMG_4031 (2)

Got together with my parents for a birthday lunch (my birthday), complete with peonies, rosé, and the prettiest, yet still tasty, dessert.

IMG_4036 (2) IMG_4037 (2) IMG_4040 (2)

Hung out on the kitchen floor….with the eggs, of course.

5.11.15 210

Finally started to learn to hold the bottle by himself.

IMG_4045 (2)

I don’t have a picture, but Wes also got his bottom teeth!  They’re still pretty small.

A pretty full two months!  Be back soon.  Really.

“I have for the first time found what I can truly love”

photo 2(1)

This quote was included on Alli & Mike’s wedding invitation, and it is perfect for them.  They are prefect for each other.  I’m so happy they found each other and are married!


Do you love seeing love as much as I do?  Aren’t you so excited when you see two people about to embark on a lifelong journey together?

Alli & Mike's Wedding 025

Alli taught herself to embroider just a month before the wedding.  She is a QUICK learner because her work is excellent.

Alli & Mike's Wedding 028Alli & Mike's Wedding 031

I love Shelley’s face in this picture.

Alli & Mike's Wedding 043 Alli & Mike's Wedding 050 Alli & Mike's Wedding 059 Alli & Mike's Wedding 063


Are you getting the orange and gray theme?  Okay good, let’s take a quick minute and talk about my husband.

Alli & Mike's Wedding 039

First of all, let’s all appreciate together that he kind of smiled for me here despite the fact that this picture is just of him!  His most dreaded kind of picture.  Anyway, isn’t he so snazzy?  That pocket square creation is all his own doing.

Alli & Mike's Wedding 027 Alli & Mike's Wedding 069 Alli & Mike's Wedding 070 photo 3(1)

The reception theme was picnic.  We were really lucky and could not have asked for a better day.  June can be gross but there was a great breeze and it was beautiful.  Not pictured here are all the lawn games.  Sean and I played Cornhole against his parents and they beat us!

Alli & Mike's Wedding 075 Alli & Mike's Wedding 077

They made a pact about this.

photo 4

Everyone indulged me in a last minute siblings and significant others picture.  It’s a little blurry but I’m still glad we got it in.

Alli & Mike's Wedding 084

Congrats, you two!  And see you on Friday….  (more to come on that next week).

A Wedding in Boston

Starting last weekend, the next five weeks are filled with two weddings, two baby showers, and two graduate school graduations!  All of these life changes that we get to be part of!  Life!  It’s happening all around us in so many ways and I’m so excited we’re part of it all!  (How about a few more exclamation points for good measure?  !!!!)

Our first life event: a wedding in Boston.  Sean’s friend and former colleague, Bryan, and the lovely Julia got married this past weekend.  Their ceremony took place on MIT’s campus in a beautiful chapel.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

This was a really nice ceremony and it made me teary.  It also made me understand why people choose to renew their vows.  Committing love and life out loud in front of family and friends is really a nice tradition.  Why not do it more than once?

photo 6I’ve always loved the look of longer tables at a wedding, but every other wedding I’ve been to has featured round tables.  Can you image how much fun it must have been to get through all of those bottles of wine for each table’s centerpiece?  What a fun way to experiment and develop your wine palate.
photo 7

See those napkins?  They were part of the favors!  I walked away with a set of four, which made me very happy.

photo 9

photo 10

It was a great wedding to kick off our mini season of life events!

Ryan & Meredith are Married!

This past weekend we headed to Virginia wine country for a wedding in Middleburg, VA.  Our friends Meredith and Ryan (who you may remember from adventures in wine tasting and camping) picked a beautiful setting and a beautiful weekend for their wedding.

photo 14v2

photo 13photo 12photo 16

I’m sad both the above and below pictures are blurry.  You can still see the happiness and love shining through.

photo 17

photo 18

The flowers were done by the same woman who did the flowers at our wedding.  Doesn’t she do an amazing job?  Flowers were my favorite part of the day.  Meredith invited me to join her at her first flower consultation.  I was so happy to see Barbara again.  I loved her!

photo 19

Oh, love!  It’s it so nice to see people so happy!  Many congratulations to these two!

I loved our wedding.  It was the best day, and it was such a fun time to be special.  To wear a beautiful dress, to be called the bride, to be the center of attention, it was all pretty great.  When we go to weddings now, I don’t miss it for a second.  I’m so happy for the bride and groom and so excited for the life they have ahead of them, of course.  But marriage itself has proven to be so much more fun than the wedding.  I’m happy Sean and I had a great and happy wedding, but I love what we have going on right now so much more.

photo 15

I’m going to try to stop relying on selfies and start getting people to take our picture.

A Weekend of Celebrations!

So many members of Sean’s family were in town this past weekend to celebrate his cousin’s wedding! Lucky us that it was also Mother’s Day weekend and we celebrated with his mom, and close enough to his sister Allison’s birthday that we could give her a present. So much to celebrate in just one weekend!

Gifts and invitations galore!

birthday Allison
I’d like to think Allison looks just as delighted to receive and wear her birthday glasses as I was to give them to her!

I think the highlight for me was getting to dance so much with Sean, Allison, and Mike. Allison and Mike were willing to dance any time I called them to the floor and even did the Sarah dance with Sean and me during Crazy in Love. Dancing the Sarah dance to Crazy In Love at a wedding is just one of my most favorite things. I wish we had some pictures of us dancing. We were totally the best ones on the floor.

Actually, maybe just picking one highlight is difficult. I also love how Mike finds cheese in any situation, how we were all so excited to get to the crab dip at Aunt Kate’s house for the post-wedding brunch, how Sean flashed my favorite smiled of his a few times (where the lips just curl up slightly), that we got to talk wedding with Allison (she and Mike are next in June 2014!) and that Beth and I realized we were on the same page as Allison about themes and ideas the whole time (!), and just generally being together.

Jenny & Kurt's Wedding 003
We’re a good looking group. I’m already looking forward to our next get together.