Finishing up Wes’s Photo Project

50 weeks 51 weeks 52 weeksI put Wes in the same shirt for weeks 50 and 51!  I didn’t realize until I sat down to edit the photos and write this post.  I was pretty disappointed initially.  But you know what, it needed to happen.  I can’t tell you how many days I thought, “oh I was going to take your picture today but you’re wearing something you already wore so we’ll have to put it off.”  Then that week’s picture maybe got closer to the next week’s picture than it should have.  So it seems appropriate that a mix up like this finally happened.  At least he’s making very different faces and his bottoms are totally different!  Like night and day different…

I’m happy to be wrapping this project up, and I think the paragraph above explains it all.  I think the difference between the first and last picture is unbelievable, so I’m happy I took the time to have weekly photos.  When we have another baby, I will do it again.  But stressing about the outfits and whether the background would make it the whole way (who knew my child would be so large!), makes me happy to be done.  I will make a nice little coffee table book of these that I hope I will actually look at on occasion and be happy with the effort.  I may take monthly photos but they will not be with a specific background like this first year’s project.  So stay tuned.

Don’t forget that you can see all of the photos from Wes’s photo project here.

We’re moving!! & some weekly pictures

With a title like that I think you can guess that things have been really hectic over here.    We’d had this very calm, very nice plan of let’s-move-before-Wes-is-5-so-we’re-in-a-good-school-district-for-Kindergarten.  Then all of a sudden we find ourselves in the middle of a let’s-move-before-the-Fed-hikes-interest-rates plan.  We started down on this plan the very same day of my last post and now we have an offer on our house and offer on a new house in Springfield, VA (about 15 minutes south of our current house), and a move-in date of November 19th!  It’s all very exciting but it’s been a lot of work and a very emotional ride to get this point.  It’s not quite over either.  Everything checks out well on our new house, but we have a home inspection on our current house to get through plus an appraisal, as well as some violations according to our condo association that we have to explain to our buyers.  As with this whole process, just as I’m allowing myself to get excited about something, something else happens and I’m worried it won’t work out all over again.

But for now let’s say we’re moving!!  Keep your fingers crossed that everything works out in terms of our current house.

And now, some pictures of Wes:

43 weeks 44 weeks 45 weeks

Wes has seven teeth now and a really dangerous bite!  Keep your fingers away!  He also puts everything in his mouth.  Which is normal and maybe related to teething, but he wants to eat it.  This makes the playground very stressful since there are acorns and sticks and seed pods all over the place.

46 weeksw

This picture happened late in week 46 and this was taken on the very first day of his Parent’s Day Out (PDO) Program.  Every Tuesday Wes goes to a program from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  Initially I said this was for Wes so he could start to learn to socialize without me since we’re very attached.  Saying that made me feel less guilty that I’m a stay at home mom sending her baby away for 5 hours each week.  I feel less guilty about it each time.  I normally clean the house, but it’s still so nice to have the time to myself.  Everyone needs a break.

47 weeks 48 weeks

I call this one the keeping it real picture and it’s one of my favorites.  Sean’s making him laugh and hopefully you can tell by his arms and legs and he is really, really laughing.  But he’s also sick here and his onesie is stained for probably both breakfast and lunch…  It happens.

49 weeks

Today is the first day of week 50!  Can you even believe that?!  Including this week’s picture we have just three left for this year!  The inspiration for this photo project continued monthly until age 3 and then switched to annual pictures.  I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do.


42 weeks

42 weeksWes had a cold last week, and this morning it was confirmed that he’s got Hand Foot & Mouth Disease.  It seems to be a mild case, so he’s doing okay so far.  I, on the other hand, am not because we’ve got at least another week of isolation ahead of us.  It turns out I got something wrong about myself.  I don’t draw energy from being alone.  I’m not as much of an introvert as I thought.  I need to be with people!  (At the right balance, of course.)  It’s so unexpected because I’m quiet.  I thought I was the person that could spend weeks and weeks by herself.  I am not that person.  You know, there were some signs of this.  Like how I have always gotten sad when Sean goes out of town and I have to be alone for a night or three.  It’s so interesting and so unexpected to learn this about myself now.

Anyway, back to Wes.  This is supposed to be about him, not me.  This week he figured out how to climb the stairs and is just starting to get the hang of using his walker.  I mean just starting.  I have to be there for all of it or he’d face plant, but he takes steps now after pulling up on the walker instead of sitting right back down.  It’s really fun.  It feels like the space between one milestone and the next is shorter and shorter all the time.

Week 41

41 weeks

This has been an exciting week.  Wes is jibber jabbering on more, but still plenty of “ma ma” or “da da” over and over and over again. It’s fun!  Sean and Wes do this thing together where Sean will say “ma” or “da” or “boom” (Wes’s favorites), and Wes will repeat the same sound back to Sean (mostly, he is 9 months so it’s not perfect every time).  It’s very cute.

A friend from playgroup let me borrow a book she’d purchased from another mom, Slow and Steady Get Me Ready.  The book gives you an idea for a new activity to do with your child each week through age 5.  I love this book because sometimes I really struggle with how to play with Wes.  This week we worked on rolling a ball.  At the beginning of the week he had no interest.  Now, he loves rolling the ball!  It was so rewarding, especially after feeling like I don’t know how to play with him.  It also makes me look forward to each week’s activity.  Wes ate this week’s toy I made him, so we’re going to spend two weeks on putting objects into a container.  It’s a good thing too because I can tell this one will take awhile.

Oh, and he’s wearing pajamas in this picture.  We thought we might experiment with taking him out of the sleep sack for bedtime and put him into pajamas.  So far we’ve only played in the pajamas!  I’m so nervous to shake up a bedtime routine that has worked for 7 months!

Weeks 39 & 40

39 weeks 40 weeks

I think I have to start doing these on the weekend when Sean is home.  Sean saved week 40 because he walked in the door right as I was struggling with Wes to take this picture.  And week 39 is really not Wes’s best side, but it’s the best I could get.  He’s fast.

As of July 23rd, Wes is 9 months.  I remember when he was just born and the list of doctors appointments in the first year seemed crazy long.  Now we just have one more well visit, and that feels weird.  Wes is cruising and exploring things all over the house.  He’s showing interest in climbing steps but isn’t quite there yet.  I feel lucky that Wes is (at least for now) a cautious explorer.  He doesn’t get into too much and is really so good at sticking his landing.  So much change happens this first year, and I’m enjoying it all.

38 weeks

This is getting hard….7.16.15 081

I just wanted something different than a baby laying on a blanket, you know?7.16.15 082

Even the sports setting couldn’t help me…

38 weeks

The best I could do, which turned out okay.

Wes and I have had a good week this week.  He’s a real delight, that kid.  He’s interested in all the books, he’s pulling up on all the things, and he’s much more interested in eating, well, almost all the foods.  A really good week in mamahood.

PS – Sean and I are headed on a vacation (sans baby!, thanks grandparents!) tomorrow.  If I can get a few posts together, I’ll schedule them for next week.  But if you don’t hear from us, fear not!  It’s not another month plus break.  It’s just a vacation.

36 & 37 Weeks

36 weeks 37 weeksI love summer clothes!  And these two outfits here aren’t even my favorite kinds.  I love those one piece rompers that are so easy but have a collar so they look fancy.  It’s perfect!  I also love that polo with the race cars in 37 weeks.  It’s my favorite.  It’s 24 months size so I am crossing my fingers that everyone is right and that Wes’s growth rate will slow down a bit once he starts walking and that shirt gets to make a reappearance next summer.  That would make me so happy!

Weeks 29-35

29 weeks 30 weeks 31 weeks 32 weeks 33 weeks 34 weeks35 weeks

Is anyone else surprised we’re still using this blanket?  I thought I’d have to give it up at 6 months but somehow we’re still making it work.

In the last seven weeks Wes have gone from being an okay sitter to a great sitter.  From a sitter to a butt bouncer.  From a butt bouncer to a leg stander to a peg leg crawler to a mostly normal crawler.  He’s gotten three teeth!  He’s gone from three naps a day to two (and we are still working on how to make that work for ourselves).  We’ve started to go to the pool regularly (he’s sporting a bathing suit there at 34 weeks), and he is loving the splashing.

It’s really so fun to watch him develop and grow.  It’s so amazing the changes that happen in this first year.  I’ve started to listen to a parenting podcast called The Shortest Longest Time, and it is so appropriately named.  At some point every day, even on the good days, I start to wonder why bedtime seems so far away, but then I look back on these 8 months and it’s happened so fast.

25 weeks

25 weeks

Ooooo, look at us getting fancy with our poses!

Every now and then I’ll leave Wes somewhere on his back (and on the floor and somewhere very safe, like not at the top of the stairs, don’t worry) and I’ll walk away to do a little something and I’ll come back and he’s on his belly!  I’ve seen him do back to belly a few times, but it’s much more fun when I come back and that surprise is waiting for me.  I’ll get really excited and say “yay, you’re so big and strong!” and he just smiles and smiles like he’s the strongest man ever.  Actually saying “yay” to him about just about anything makes it better.  For example, “Yay green beans!” smile, swallow, repeat.  It’s pretty great.  I know it won’t last forever so I’m enjoying it while I can.