Weeks 21 & 22

21 weeks 22 weeksWes, Sean & I laugh and laugh and laugh a lot together these days.  It’s pretty great.  Wes is getting ticklish, he thinks peekaboo is hilarious, he loves when I do “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” with my fingers on his belly, he likes ba-ba-ba noises right by his ear and kisses on his chin, he loves smiling and laughing especially if you’ll smile and laugh right along with him.  Sometimes, that laugh comes from deep down and it’s awesome.

PS – I lost my ability to use Photo Shop awhile ago (we did some computer updating) but figured out a new, low-tech way to add words to these photos.  It’s not great, but I guess good enough for now.  The Wes’s Photo Project page is updated now though, and it’s pretty fun to see them all together.

20 weeks

20 weeksDespite the fact that we’re in isolation and have spent a lot of time just us two this week, Wes and I had a good one.  He’s laughed a lot and has been pretty cute.  He’s got a great grip now.  He likes to tug on my hair, especially when he’s eating.  It doesn’t bother me.  Sometimes he’s a little forceful, but generally I think it’s sweet.  Plus, I’ve gotten a hair cut recently and even with a ponytail there are little hairs that always hang out.  So I have to think it’s sweet because no matter what I do it’s happening.

19 weeks


19 weeksWes caught a cold last week.  It started out as just a cough, but by Wednesday he was having trouble breathing.  We went to the doctors and came home with a nebulizer.  On Thursday it snowed and snowed and Wes was breathing about 90 breathes per minute so our pediatrician told us that we needed to go to the ER.  If it wasn’t the middle of a snow storm and the pediatrician’s office was opened I wonder if we would have gone there.  Multiple doctors looked at him, an ER doctor and two pediatric doctors, and they all came to the same conclusion that he was fine.  Just suffering from a cold.  He smiled the whole time.  When your baby’s having trouble breathing or sick in any way it’s hard not to worry.  But, during the ER visit and during the follow up appointment, doctors continued to point out how happy he was.  We will probably take the cautious route next time too, but I think it’s helpful to know that if your baby is truly sick he will let you know.

Weeks 17 & 18

17 weeks 18 weeks

Recently, Wes started to think that maybe the bath is okay.  Maybe.  Let’s not get too excited or ahead of ourselves.  He still makes this face at me when I put him in the water.  Like this is the worst idea anyone has ever had.  But, I put him into the bath tub length-wise for the first time the other day instead of width-wise.  Length-wise his feet are able to splash around in the water.  And that he likes.  A lot.  He smiled.  Very quickly.  Because we can’t get too excited or ahead of ourselves on this one, Mom.

16 Weeks

2.13.15 059Wes is at that phase where he wants to put everything in his mouth.  On Tuesday I was changing his diaper and he put his little baby hands around my arm and started to pull it towards his mouth, which was formed in a little O with trumpeted lips.  “This is too big for that little mouth, Baby!”  I laughed and then he laughed right back at me as if he knew he is the funniest.

15 Weeks


15 weeksI’m not sure what to say about this week.  It’s been a tough one and a bit of a roller coaster.  Some really great moments surrounded by lots and lots of fussing and crying.  Wes was such a good napper in January.  Amazing.  For the last week, and yesterday in particular, no matter how many times I put the pacifier back in his mouth he would not go to sleep.  We both cried and cried as I got us in the car so we could drive around for an hour before meeting up with some other moms and their babies for lunch.  I couldn’t take being in the house with an inconsolable baby anymore.  Wes slept in the car and put on his happy face for lunch.  Luckily the moms at lunch are a really fantastic and accepting group of women.  I gave and received advice and am so thankful for lovely, accepting fellow moms.

Here’s a few other funny pictures of Wes from this week:

2.4.15 014

What do you mean I can put all the toys in my mouth at once?

2.6.15 001

The mirror’s a little warped.

2.4.15 040

Not really a funny picture, unless you count that sweet little belly, but a good smile worth sharing.

13 weeks

13 weeks

Oh man.  I LOVE this child.  I say this because some mothers bond with their babies the moment they arrive.  I did not.  I have always loved Wes of course, but there just wasn’t an instant bond for me.  Now that I’ve gotten to know him more I realize he’s the most amazing human.  Except for maybe yesterday when he refused to nap and cried and cried.  Even the most amazing human has bad days, right?

Also, Wes turned three months on Friday!  Three months!

12 weeks!

12 weeks

A few weeks ago I talked about retiring baby clothes.  That was mostly just a few night shirts.  This week I had to retire real baby clothes.  Sleepers and onsies and items I had lovingly folded as I anticipated Wes’s arrival and imagined what he’d be like.  I’m still delighted with the forward progress.  Just as everyone promised, things are getting easier day by day.  I laugh at Wes and he laughs back at me (well, as long as it’s one of his good hours of the day).  I smile at Wes and he smiles back at me.  He’s grabbing and batting and babbling and wiggling and doing all the things you’d want an almost three month old to do.  (Expect for stare at his hands in wonder…I can’t wait for that but he’s making me wait for that.)  I feel so lucky these days.  Being Wes’s mother is a true pleasure and an honor.  But putting away those clothes of anticipation this week was harder than I expected.  If I could get in the right frame of mind about it, they are all clothes of anticipation.   I should lovingly, not lametingly, fold them all.

P.S. Wes does smile, just not when the camera is so high. 1.15.2015 040 1.15.2015 041

Also, there’s a green light that flashes before my camera goes off.  He makes the funniest face when that happens!  Poor Wes, but I love it.1.15.2015 042